Tips to be safe online

Security and privacy are two crucial aspects for users. Every time we connect is possible to put our identity and data at risk negligence, bad practices, and things that compromise our security that of our devices can occur. We are going to see some simple and effective measures to preserve security. 

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Measures to keep identity and data secure 

When we talk about preserving the security of our data or files, it doesn’t just mean preventing malware. Other causes can cause us to lose personal data, hardware problems, device loss, etc. 

Creating backups 

This measure is one of the principal and standard steps to avoid data loss either on the Internet or on any physical device. It is the way we have to preserve our data and prevent it from being lost for different reasons. 

There is the risk of ransom ware, which is the type of threat that could encrypt all our folders and ask for a financial ransom in return. There can also be other types of malware that can delete your device. However, there is also a physical risk that a device can be lost or suffer a hardware failure. 

Log off every time 

We recommend you to log off your accounts whenever you are going to leave the computer. It can be interesting to enter incognito mode and avoid having things like our username saved in the history. 

Encrypt important files 

Especially when we are going to send it through the Internet or upload it to the cloud, you can encrypt those files as one of the tools that you can use. 

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Never save the keys 

We return to what we said before about using a password manager. We should never save our passwords in the cell phone notebook, for example, or in a folder on our computer. 

Use alerts 

When using online bank accounts or anything similar, it is interesting to receive alerts in case something strange happens. For example, someone has accessed our account. 

Beware of networks 

You shall take care of protecting our networks and when connecting to public networks. It is interesting to use VPN services, for example, so that we can encrypt our connection. 

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The most important thing on the Internet is to be aware of the dangers that surround us and stay protected from all of them. That’s why we have to be cautious and follow the lines that we point in this article.