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To make sure you're safe online

About Us

Our main goal is to provide you with the most accurate information about the domain you want to visit. We do it because there's more and more dangerous sites out there. Nowadays it's hard to recognise a harmful site - people who create them know what they're doing and try to avoid to be recognised as much as possible. We know how hard is to check if the site you want to visit is safe or not. We were there - looking for info, switching sites, looking for services that can verify site quality and security.

Because of that we created No Risk Domain - simple, yet powerful service that is gathering information about domain from different sources, analyse the data and gives you a recommendation whether you should visit it or not.

How we do it? Each time you request a domain review - we're gathering information about the requested domain from different, independent sources. We do it everytime so the data is fresh and accurate. When the data is gathered, we analyse it and display it in one page so you do not have to visit different sites to make a decision about visiting that domain. We combine all of information we were able to gather into recommendations based on which you can decide if you should trust the site you want to visit.

No Risk Domain is powered top services from around the globe:

Whether you would like to recommend a new service to be integrated to No Risk Domain, you have you found a bug, there's something missing on the site or you just want to say Hi! - you can always Contact Us