Internet Safety 101

Most of the time, using the website to shop online or to check the bank accounts, we only need a little bit of responsibility and follow these quick tips to keep all our devices away from the dangers of phishing and hackers.  

Tips for safe surfing on the Internet 

Seguridad en internet: ¿Qué es la seguridad en internet?

Shopping online with precautions 

When you purchase over the Internet, make sure that the site URL matches the web where you think you are and that its address begins with https. Don’t forget to check their privacy policy. 

Maintain your antivirus updated 

When you browse online, it is essential to have your device safe and updated. There is specialized malware for each of them, so having an antivirus program is crucial to protect your online identity and that of your family. 

Use a well-known Wi-Fi network 

It is very convenient for everyone to connect to networks of bars, malls, or stores; we have to take into account that they are usually not very safe. Often, hackers receive our search information because of this. 

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Pay more attention to your inbox 

When we receive an email from an unknown source, we should avoid clicking on the links or attachments. Likewise, we should not respond to these emails by providing personal information and passwords to different accounts. 

Keep the children away from the danger 

Children use smartphones and tablets just as adults is a good thing, as long as they know what not to do and, above all, adults need to have control over their online activity. 

Take good care of the things on the Internet 

There are many household devices connected to the Internet: televisions, microwaves, security systems. The best thing you can do is to keep your operating system updated. 

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Use the navigation bar to type in the addresses 

Usually, we tend to use the well-known search engines to find the web pages we use every day. Avoid doing this if you can, as hackers tend to clone the pages and sneak in the first results. 

Check the addresses to see if it has a lock 

The browser recognizes the certification authority that issued the automatically-generated certificate. In this way, you will know that it is a secure website. If not, the browser will warn us. Before accepting a non-recognized certificate, we must ensure that it does not pose any risk to the security of our computer. 


The use of the Internet is in our hands, and we must manage the way we get through the website whit special carefulness. 

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