How can I protect my Internet privacy?

The Internet is a whole new world full of opportunities, but there are some subjects you should always take a look at if you don’t want to be scammed or hijacked. 

People are always wondering: How can I avoid Internet scams? But they don’t prevent them by updating their browsers’ security tools. 

No-Risk Domain always tries to warn people about these online threats, which is why we bring you this article regarding Internet privacy. 

Pay attention and write these recommendations down! 

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Delete Tracking Cookies 

Tracking Cookies are simple text files that the browser saves to improve your browsing experience, but they might be dangerous as well. 

Cookies often remember any online account email and password, which may help those who are bird-brained but may let them to strangers’ disposal as well. 

Always keep money-related passwords to yourself, don’t use the “remember this password” option under any circumstances in those cases. 

Try to avoid Http sites when using cookies, because these sites are not secure enough to trust your account information. 

Protect your computer and mobile devices 

Keep all your devices safe. Malicious content on the Internet might put in grave danger, but if you update them with the proper security, they will make it through all of those risks. 

You can get a Firewall or an anti-virus program to make the job done. The Firewall will prevent those threats from going into your computer, and the anti-virus will eradicate the ones who hijacked into your device. 

You can also do a virus check, which will scan your computer or cellphone to find a possible virus and unsafe archives. 

The Yale Tribune | Internet privacy matters

Clean your search history 

Browsers have a search history of what sites you have visited without the incognito mode. They use this method to show you ads of things related to your most common searches. (They assume you like what you search) 

To make this method work, they use Cookies, which might compromise your security. An efficient way to erase those Cookies is to clean your search history. 

By doing this, your security will improve. And also, nobody will be able to verify what you search online. 

Avoid unsafe Internet connections 

We have said before in other blogs: how crucial is to avoid connecting to other Wi-Fis that may be unsafe or tricky. 

The thing with strange Internet connections is that you can’t tell which one is watching the traffic of information. So, it’s better to use a VPN and protect your data. 

The Ultimate Guide on Internet Privacy | by Julian A. | Noteworthy - The  Journal Blog


There are many threats out there on the Internet. But there are many ways to protect your Internet privacy too. 

Make sure you follow them to improve your Internet experience and keep reading our blog for more information!