Browsing on the Internet Safely

Every day and every minute, someone somewhere in the world is connected to the Internet, so you must know how to enjoy this tool safely.  

In these times, anyone who does not handle the Internet correctly is totally out of the picture.  

Practically everything passes through the network of networks and, precisely because of this, many people try to be on the Internet at all costs, without knowing that not everything on it is positive.  

That’s why it’s not enough to be there, you have to handle it correctly, and otherwise, these people can get a pretty big scare. 

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Try a VPN to protect your browsing 

First of all, we can tell you that lifesaver of excellence is the use of a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN is a type of technology that allows you to add an external Network to your local one, becoming a more controlled way to surf.  

No matter if your network is public or private, using a VPN is an option that protects your uploads and downloads. The best thing is that it is simple to manage, and many people use them to avoid sharing their data.  

The most important thing is that you properly evaluate on which VPN service works best for you and offers the most benefits.  

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Tips to protect your browsing 

  • It has a good antivirus and an updated firewall. 
  • Do not download any file sent to you; make sure you have your antivirus active. Check that any links come from an existing e-mail account and not from a bot. 
  • Do not open links directly from your e-mail. It is better to copy and paste it into your browser.  
  • When you make online purchases, first check the comments of the people and make sure that the site has a security certificate (you can find it in the lock icon on the left of the link). 
  • If you need to download any application or program, try to do it from the official site or services with encryption, for example, 
  • When you access pages with cookies, accept them. It’s not a bad thing. Cookies are part of the regulations with which web pages must comply for better performance. 
  • If you visit websites with a lot of advertising, you can activate an ad blocker of advertising and unwanted content 
Como navegar de forma segura por internet


Security must be enhanced, especially when surfing on public networks. We must avoid accessing pages that do not use the HTTPS protocol, as well as avoid accessing bank accounts and other sensitive sites. 

10 consejos para navegar de forma segura por Internet