Private search engines and why to use them?

Search engines are crucial for going through the internet. They are the services that help us to find the information on terms we are looking for there. However, this makes it relevant to keep our privacy and security.  

Not everyone is the same, and sometimes they may use our information to an advantage for themselves. We will explain what the differences are between private search engines and regular search engines. 

When we talk about regular search engines, we refer to those like Google or Bing, to name a few of the best known. These are search engines that collect information from users, which mean that they can send targeted advertising on the searches we perform or the sites we visit. 

Diferencias entre motores de búsqueda privados y normales

Many people do not accept that their information or the way they navigate can get exposed. What these browsers do, or at least most of them create a user profile. There they store everything related to what we comment, searches, sites visited, browsing history. 

That is why private search engines exist. This search engine has a great variety to use. In general, they offer more anonymous navigation, where no personal data or information about the navigation itself is collected. 

One of the main differences lies in the way this type of search engine manages our data and information. They do not use trackers to determine which sites we visit or which searches we perform. 

A private search engine that you should use 

These are some of the search engines people use to navigate through the internet without exposing themselves. 


Oscobo has a platform very similar to Google, but with the big difference that this search engine is anonymous. Oscobo protects your privacy, does not save your searches, and does not share them with anyone else. The connection between your browser and Oscobo’s server is encrypted, encrypting search queries locally to ensure that no one can intercept them. 

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DuckDuckGo is a browser that welcomes you with friendly characters and the promise not to save your personal information. By not recording what you want to find, they have nothing to offer sellers, so this search engine does not harass you with digital advertising. 

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In short, we need to use search engines. It is the way we find information and surf the net. But we have to take into account that our privacy and security are not always safe. We can run into search engines that put both aspects at risk. 

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